Studio Stefan Haehnel
Schönleinstr. 11
10967 Berlin

+49 178 8731334


Stefan Haehnel is a freelance photographer. He lives in Berlin and works wherever the viewfinder of his camera leads him.
After teaching himself photo basics at an early age, Haehnel studied print and media technology, before completing a second degree at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. He continues to develop the visual language that he acquired there. His photographic practice is characterized by his documentarian’s eye. In his pictures the light is striking, shadows emphasize moods, landscapes become protagonists, and portraits are face-to-face encounters.
Haehnel’s photographic series are also inspired by the off-road bike trails that he rides—whether on weekend adventures in Brandenburg or solo tours through far-flung regions lasting several weeks. His fascination for urban nowhere places is juxtaposed with insights and views from his diverse excursions into nature. Like the photographer himself, these images are in motion: Haehnel captures unique moments made possible by the photographic medium—and invites the viewer to share in them.


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